Phoenix revolution

Some people call it Occupy Central;
Some people call it Umbrella Revolution;
We call it Phoenix Revolution.


illustration friday: whisper

"dear tree, let me tell you a little secret..."


my gangnam style

Eh Sexy Lady
오 오 오 오 
오빤    강남스타일


How to be lovely, rule #1

practice your smile & give yourself a smile every morning.


Sketch Project 2012: Time Travel

Woo... spend some time to make this...

The sketch Project 2012: Time Travel by pollythegirl
You can now view my entire sketch book through this link.

Organizing... is always make me feel like:
(is this a short from of "Organizing"?)

Anyway, the sketch book project began! and my book had been viewed by a... Guy? I think.

Who ever he/she is, I just want to say: THANK YOU